Thursday, May 21, 2009


Don't panic, this one's far cheaper and quieter than the others!

Alice has a large Jellycat Truffles Panda that we use as a travel rug in the car. She adores flat panda but he's 18 months old and is showing signs of age, so flat dog has arrived to give flat panda a rest! Alice was delighted to see him and dragged him about all day yesterday. Luckily this morning she demanded that he came in the car to nursery, when I got home (alone) I hid flat panda.

I have to say that flat dog is beautiful - so soft and cuddly, he was my second choice, I would have bought another large flat panda but, sadly, he's been discontinued and I couldn't find one. Alice doesn't seem to mind, but she has called him flat panda quite a few times! I've tried to encourage her to give them each a name but she reverts to descriptions, more importantly she's declared many times since opening the box yesterday lunchtime how much she loves flat dog.

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