Sunday, May 24, 2009



Snickerdoodle said...

She's a beauty!! Those pix are gorgeous!!

Snick :)

Jen and Jeff said...


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate
Debbie and Ben here- Wow- Alice is growing up fast! Kate- just read on your blog what the timescale from Thailand might be and was heartened that it seemed to be relatively short after China: so had a look at the govt website but they posted on 27th Feb that numbers of children from Thailand were to be restricted to 24 this year (didn't mention 2010) and that the wait was three years. I am assuming you have better and more up to date info- if you possibly can, would love to know it. Sorry- didn't have your email to contact you directly- love Debbie and Ben (lid China April 2007)

Shawnstribe said...

Kate what gorgeous photos!!!!
and she is looking more and more like you !!!!! i love it when this happens : )


Kiy said...

BTW, I love these photos. Amazing! She really is a pretty little gal, and so very happy. You can see it all over her face!

Cheers, Kiy