Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I've been publicly misquoted on a UK adoption forum and I don't like it. Facts were taken and repeated out of context. There are 2 solutions as I see it:
  • Swallow it and carry on as normal.
  • Go private
At the moment I'm considering my situation, but don't be surprised if I go private. Leave a comment if you'd like to be invited in.


Teresa said...

Kate I love reading your blog and your life with beautiful Alice, it gives me such hope our papers have been in China since last summer. Please don't go private :-(


Kiy said...

How sad that you find yourself in this predicament. I don't post often this days anywhere (heck, I am not even finding time to blog myself!) but I read as much as I can and have enjoyed watching Alice grow and bloom.

I would love to continue to do so.


Snickerdoodle said...

I understand about going private. I did it for a short while too. Then went public again. It's all about comfort levels, isn't it? You have to do what you are comfortable with, but please include me if you go private. I'd miss you and your peanut!
dd Sunshine 8 Viet Nam
dd Brilliance almost 3 China

Carmen said...

Kate, I love reading your blog. We were actually picking up our daughter the same day as you and stayed at the Harbour Hotel. We were in the room on the left hand side as you walk up the stairs with "alot" of others. I remember that day clearly, the hot stuffy room searching for our daughter and then seeing her for the 1st time. Hard to believe its been almost 2 years. Sorry I'm going off here as I type, reminiscing : )I just wanted to join in and say I really love reading your blog, especially knowing that our daughters came from the same Orphange and were given there forever families on the same day. If you do choose to go private, I completely understand, but please add me to your list of readers. I would really miss not reading about the Adventures of Alice and your new journey to adopt Baby sister.

Carmen (Mommy to beautiful daugher Shae-lee)