Sunday, May 10, 2009


. . . do I still need to warn of graphic posts?

On Thursday she came home in the same clothes as she'd gone to nursery in, she didn't have an accident on Wednesday or Friday either, but yesterday Alice had an accident, just before bedtime (the last hour downstairs is by far the riskiest, I blame tiredness!)

Alice still isn't asking much to use the facilities, but she has once today - maybe I'm just asking too often (every 60-75 minutes?)

On Wednesday I promised that if there were no poopy accidents or nappies for 3 days then she could have a Big Girl's Present (for being a Big Girl!) She sort of kept her end of the deal, Wednesday was successful but Thursday and Friday were 'no shows', so I extended 'the deal', Saturday was another 'no show' and by this morning I was worried (very unusual for Alice to go this long without a BM), however she hit the jackpot when we got home from the supermarket this morning, without hinting at what was to come or asking for help to use the loo. We did lots of happy dancing. S was here for coffee so I didn't mention the BG Present until after lunch.

Alice was delighted when I produced a wooden dolls' house - it's been in her wardrobe for nearly 2 years and it matches her shelves in her bedroom. She loves it. She examined every bit of furniture as we unpacked it. She was instantly transfixed! (Have you worked out where this is going yet?) Within 15 minutes (and only about 20 minutes after the last 'visit') I could smell something . . . you guessed it . . . poopy accident, ugh . . . lots of talking about accidents etc. The irony certainly passed over Alice's head but I didn't miss it!

Overall I think that she's making progress - 2 trips out today. This morning she wore a feel and learn pull-up to the supermarket (75 minutes) and came home still dry. This afternoon she wore knick*rs for a car journey (15 minutes) and we spent nearly 4 hours at D, D and A's house - lots of visits but no accidents, I think that this was a major milestone! She's also using the bathroom more (and the potty less) and beginning to visit on her own!

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