Saturday, May 02, 2009



Yesterday (I was at work) and Alice had a successful day apart from an accident in a pull-up - I think that she thinks that they're like nappies. She didn't ask to 'go' at all.

Today, 3 accidents. The first, in a pull-up, was my mistake as I forgot the routine when we got home from several hours out this morning. Both first and second accidents involved poop (the first and second ever involving poop). The third accident was just before bed and I'm putting down to tiredness as it was only 15 minutes after the last use of the facilities.

Tomorrow I'm at a seminar so she'll probably have more success without me.

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Three Motherlands said...

I know it's different with all children and with all families - but I did want to say that it's common for children to regress a little bit when they've just started potty training. Not all children will, but many do, and that was our experience with Cowgirl. She had a brilliant first few weeks, then got really lazy about it for a long while and then disinterested. I didn't push it during these times as she was still quite young anyway and we had plenty of time to get her trained. But when she was finally ready, she was ready = and the only times we ever have the very occasional accident were when she's just busy playing and doesn't want to take the time to leave the fun, so it's a 'rush job' to race to the toilet! ;o) So no big deal if little children regress from time to time.

Alice is doing beautifully!!

Ellen xx