Saturday, May 09, 2009


Alice and I went to an open day for her school this morning. She'll start in their nursery in the Autumn. Before the visit I'd had doubts that she'd be ready in the Autumn - the nursery staff were in no doubt that she's ready now (not that they take children in until they're 3!) I know all about Alice but I'm keen not to make assumptions about her capabilities or project unrealistic expectations on to her. I find it difficult to gauge how Alice is compared to other children her age and I don't want to be a competitive parent, however it was comforting to hear the nursery teachers' assessment that her speech, level of confidence and maturity are all ahead of her chronological age and already at a level that's suitable for nursery.

And what did Alice think? She immediately settled into rocking dolls and playing with a wooden castle. THEN she found the tadpoles, my nature girl was obsessed! We went to look at an art exhibition and on our way back we had to have one last visit to the tadpoles - to say goodbye! On the way home and ever since, when questioned, Alice remembers the tadpoles and wants to go back and see them! (No surprise really as the rabbit at her daycare nursery is one of the main attractions/distractions).

So now we have the summer to hone her potty training, self dressing, managing and eating packed lunches and get ready for Big Girls' (and Boys') Nursery!! (Before today I was worried about it, I'm really glad that we went - I knew that it was the school that I wanted Alice to go to, but now I've had an opportunity to see it again and talk to the nursery staff I'm really excited about it and Alice seems to be too!)

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