Wednesday, May 06, 2009


3 weeks ago we folded up Alice's highchair (it's still propped in the corner of the kitchen, just in case!) Now she uses a travel highchair as a booster seat. Since then she's consistently sleeping (overnight but not naps) in her Big Girl's Bed and is using the potty or the loo and wearing big girl's knickers. She's also given up regular afternoon naps, at the moment she's about alternating days and on the days when she naps her nappy is dry.

In less than 3 weeks - the highchair, daytime nappies, half her naps and most of her cot have become redundant, incredible changes at an incredible speed. I love watching her grow up and mature, but sometimes I wish it could happen a little more slowly!

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ED Blogger said...

I can totally relate. My daughter's a year and 4 months old and she's really growing up fast and it's as if I can't keep up.
It gets better when they're older, does it? lol