Wednesday, May 06, 2009


On Wednesday's we go to a music and drama group. We've missed the first 2 sessions of this term. We were both really looking forward to returning today, but I was amazed when we got there to find that they'd crossed us off their list and given our places to someone else. No phone call, no checking, they didn't even ask the friends that we sit with. I was amazed. I just stood there, cash in hand to pay the half-term's fees, eventually they added our names to the bottom of the list and took my money.

Very soon I regretted paying, Alice was willful all through the class. Once the class is over the children are given a plain biscuit, after several warnings (from me) through the class, Alice didn't get one. At first she understood but by the time we got back to the car she was whining about it. Once we got home she sat on the naughty chair - as soon as she sits there the tears start. After a few minutes I reviewed with her why she'd been sitting there, how she'd been naughty and how to get the biscuit next week!

Unfortunately Alice was obviously having 'one of THOSE days' - the naughty seat was her most frequent seat other than the potty for most of the rest of the day!

As for potty training - she's doing really quiet well. She isn't asking to use the facilities that much, but I'm prompting after 60 minutes or so. She had an accident at nursery yesterday morning - she asked to go in to use the facilities but didn't get her waterproof dungarees off in time, even that's progress as she asked to go and will hopefully learn that it takes a time to take the dungarees off! She's doing well enough that she's averaged less than 1 accident per day for the past 10, so well that I'm struggling to remember the details!! As for progress, we've taken down the babygate separating the living end of the house from the hall (it was blocking access to the downstairs loo!) and now I'm prompting Alice to use the loo over the potty. I hope that the next step is to reduce the amount that I'm prompting her to 'go' and let her take the lead.

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suzanne said...

I still remind Isabella after 4 months! But they do ask more and more and get better bladder control great for supermarket checkouts! I stopped putting Isabella in pullups she hates being wet and only had wet knickers once when we were out and has never done it again :) Try going to a shop with Alice to buy some pretty panties for her to wear. It does work honestly!