Sunday, June 28, 2009


It was the night before I left for China, GFN had come over in the afternoon to swap some clothes for our luggage (in case any cases didn't arrive with us, luckily they all made every journey safely). In fact he wasn't GFN at that point (I was trying to save him for Little Sis, I think that last until the 3rd or 4th of July before I realised that he had to be Alice's GF!) Anyway N, over coffee, mentioned that with my surname Whatshername would need a neat and short first name - a good point and one that was the final straw for me deciding that Whatshername would be Alice - but having waited until 3 days before I met her to choose her name I decided that I'd wait and meet her before announcing it, in fact I met her, told her who I was and that I loved her and then asked her if she'd like to be called Alice?!

(And now I'm debating names again, but this time for Little Sis. There's already a shortlist and some names are new and others aren't. I've decided against some names, mostly others beginning with 'A' Annabel, Amelie, Anna . . .)

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Global Girl said...

All pretty names!