Monday, June 29, 2009


Sitting in the first row on the aeroplane, facing backwards, all the way to China.

Beijing airport was timidating, our first experiences in China, intimidating being a foreigner in a country where nothing is easily understood to a Westerner and police carry guns. The airport was beautiful in its structure - glass and marble, light, bright, airey and shining clean. We managed to navigate our way from arrivals to departures (up several floors via a lift that was always full) and to our next carrier (who wasn't the one on the tickets!!) Not only that but via sign language I (me, hestitant, me) managed to communicate that we wanted seats together (and managed to get them together!) before sleeping through virtually the whole flight and missing our only glimpses of the Great Wall and the Yangtze River! (I spent lots of my conscious moments staring at and showing anyone who'd listen the photos of Whatshername, wondering how she'd be, how I'd cope and hoping we'd be OK.)

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