Thursday, June 04, 2009


I'm going to shuffle the blogs!

This blog will continue to be the main blog and I'm going to edit and then import most of the posts from the private blog. Then I'm going to start using the private blog again. I've edited the readers back to family and friends from reality and to virtual friends who I have contact with or were Autumn Dreamers. If in doubt I deleted readers unless I recognised who they were from their yahoo profile or email address, if I deleted you and I shouldn't I apologise (make contact and I'll rectify the situation) I'm happy to add more readers but you must be a friend - real or virtual. If you don't have my email address just click on the photo of Alice and I at the top of the right hand column and that should automatically open an email!

If you're not sure if you're a registered reader, click here and find out!

Why am I shuffling? I want to share some more sensitive things about the adoption process and maybe some more photos of Alice.

1 comment:

delucchi family said...

Hey Kate
Would love to share the journey.
Love the photos of Alice, she has grown so fast.
Love Jules