Wednesday, June 10, 2009


No real news, nothing much to blog about, not sure what to say.

Alice is OK, fine during the day, PT is going well (I hate to put that in in case I tempt fate!) and her days are happy and busy. Unfortunately evenings are different - many night-terrors, lots of screaming and many tears. I'm not sure if it's bad dreams or pain but I know that it's distressing to watch. She's reverted to using the cot quite a lot and mostly sleeps better when she's in the cot rather than the BGB. Quite a few nights she's ended up with me - she settles quickly but then I get little sleep beyond that! I've started positive reinforcement before bedtime - no crying, stay in your own bed etc.

Meantime there are glitches with my dossier for Thailand, I was hoping that it would have been in Thailand by now, but the NP made a genuine mistake and now it has to be resubmitted to the FCO and then the Thai Consulate. The mistake was spotted a week ago, it will probably be another 2 weeks before it can be dispatched to Thailand, ugh.


suzanne said...

Hugs hope your dossier gets sorted quickly!

Shawnstribe said...

oh Kate, we've not spoken for ages!!!!
so sorry to hear about the night terrors, that is so rubbish!!!
and the papers, well how megafrustrating!!!!!!
thinking and saying a lil prayer for you

Kiy said...

Oh Gal! I haven't visited in forever - been terrible about blogs lately as we've had travel, company and nice nice weather to tempt us outdoors.

I am crossing my fingers for you on the dossier mistake and hope it gets resolved quickly.

We too have night terrors, nightmares and just bed time issues. We did a lot (a LOT) of reading on NT's (as I am sure you did) and we learned that every child's trigger is different. Emi's is no nap, so needless to say naptime here is sacred, *nothing* happens during naptime - no matter what! I hope you are able to figure out Alice's trigger as it made a world of difference in our lives. We still have the other bedtime issues, but those NT's are the worst!

Hugs to Mama and Sweet Alice,