Wednesday, July 01, 2009


I 'treated' Alice to a bath first thing this morning, she loves water!

As soon as she was dressed I reminded her that it was 'Alice Day' and asked what that meant, whilst she didn't tell me about China, she did remember that it meant presents! We came downstairs, she found her pile of pressies in the hall and immediately sat down and ripped them open. A hoola hoop, egg and spoon race set and a princess DVD, later in the day a new large flat panda arrived.

We had a usual Wednesday morning - a music and drama group followed by a trip to the supermarket! Then we came home so that I could put the fudge cake together and ice the cupcakes - Alice requested that they become pink and so I had to pop round to Nana Next Door to 'borrow' some red food colouring (despite 1 home delivery and 2 supermarket trips in the last 24 hours!)

This afternoon we had a series of visitors, M, T and her sons L and CC, GFN and D and A, we drank long, iced drinks and ate cake whilst the littlies splashed in the water table and paddling pool.

While GFN was here Alice took advantage of his indulgent nature and splashed him repeatedly, I decided to splash her back with her water (but forgot that at the last minute when I was making the drink that Alice had requested squash instead) and so I dowsed her with squash!! Just an excuse to tip more water down her back!

It was a much more low-key day than last year but just as much fun and another day packed full of happy memories. Tonight, as every night, I'm counting my blessings and I can't believe my luck.


Shawnstribe said...

Happy Happy Alice Day!!!!!!!
You are right, Miss A has changed sooo much,wish we'd been there too

Carla said...

So happy to have found you through RQ! My little Katie is from Kunming, about to turn 3 and reading your blog is kind of surreal...they look a lot alike!

Congratulations on 2 years together!!! We hit that milestone in December.