Thursday, July 02, 2009


(Photo from yesterday)

Another busy day at CBH! Alice had nursery this morning, I dropped her off slightly later than usual just before 9am so that I could go straight on from there to an osteopath appointment. Then I came home to talk to a journalist about IA. 20 minutes after she left I had to go and collect Alice from nursery so that we could continue our celebrations. In a last minute change I'd swapped handbags, but forgot to transfer the tickets, so having collected Alice we had to scoot home before going to Cardiff.

Even though the lunchtime part was rushed we arrived in plenty of time, I scored a fabulously convenient parking space and we got to the theatre with over 10 minutes to spare! When we found our row there were 2 sets of blank seat, luckily ours were the closer ones, a couple of minutes later the other seats (only 6 seats away from us) were filled by my cousin L and her daughter M (I went to school with L, we were close as children but, sadly, we aren't any longer - I hadn't met her daughter until today). We were at the theatre to see 'Be*uty and the Be*st' or as Alice calls it 'Beautiful and the Beast'!! Anticipating this production I'd bought Alice the DVD so that she'd know the story. She sat on my lap cuddling flat panda (the smaller one!) and me through the first half and then at the interval she insisted that it was time to go home!

(There was a good reason for her expectation to leave at the interval - we went to a D*sney performance in Bristol just before Easter. I didn't blog about it. We got stuck in traffic and arrived with minutes to spare, not enough time to park in our usual car park, I saw a space on the road and parked before I realised that it was limited to an hour. The show wasn't great and I was fretting about where I'd parked so we left at the interval, thinking Alice was too little to understand what she was missing!!)

I quickly explained that we only seen half the story and that we were stopping for an ice cream (she promptly demanded a lollipop!) During the interval Alice was naughty (screaming and shouting - perhaps a natural reaction to sitting still and quiet) but I still had a chance to catch up with L and M. Alice sat really well through the second half and enjoyed the performance but she did need to visit the loo about 20 minutes after the interval - I'd put her in a feel and learn pull-up so I was really pleased that she whispered that she needed to go, I was pretty proud that she'd WHISPERED the request too!

We got out of the city really well considering that we left at 5pm, but then got caught in roadwork traffic, so the return journey took about 30 minutes longer than the journey going.

It was a busy but successful and fun day. It was Alice's first full visit to the theatre except for pantomimes and our first visit with just the 2 of us. She did really well and we both enjoyed it. Another day making happy memories! (And in case anyone's wondering why we're still celebrating, today was the 2 year anniversary of Alice's adoption!)

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