Thursday, July 16, 2009


I dropped Alice at nursery this morning and headed into town. I wanted to try our new cinema, I went alone, I'd checked before we left home and it didn't appear that I needed to book a ticket. I've never been to the cinema alone before but actually it's not bad - let's face it you can't talk through the film anyway! I saw the 9:45 showing of the latest HP film (premiered last night). I've never been to a morning showing before either! It was a reasonable sized screen and there were about 30 of us in the audience - the seats were allocated as you bought them, 5 minutes before the film started a family from school came and sat next to me!! BUSTED!!!

I love the HP stories, I prefer the books to the films as the films seem so much more sinister. HP6? Nearly 3 hours long, didn't seem that long, good film but (as per the book) the ending left us hanging - I think we should have been able to watch HP7 immediately!

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Cristina said...

You're not a geek - I LOVE going to the cinema by myself and do it a lot!! DH and I have a date booked for Monday week to go and see HP 6. Looking forward to it!! Cristina xxx