Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Alice hasn't got any worse, the spots have scabbed and are slowly going (very slowly). We stayed at home until yesterday when we went to a local soft play centre. She is getting better but she's still very clingy and tearful with a very low tolerance threshold. She missed nursery last Thursday but went back this morning, she didn't want to go and cried as they took her away, but she was settled and focused on playing her musical instrument when I returned and I got her 'usual' response when she saw me, 'Mummy!' runs to me, jumps into my arms and tells me that she loves me - it's a wonderful feeling to be on the receiving end of such love and joy. I also gave our notice of leaving to nursery today, it made me sad to write it, it was always the plan to leave in August but the time has gone so quickly and they've been so lovely with her that I will definitely miss it and I'm sure that she will too.

Meanwhile I've been researching holidays - I wanted to take Alice to Eur*disn*y and thought that I'd found a recent deal, but with single person supplements etc it was still beyond what I wanted to pay. Instead of ED I think that we might be going to Swansea - quite a contrast, but I think that I've found a good deal for a hotel with a pool and it's also across the road from a sandy beach, seems too good to be true but I hope to be proved wrong - it's only just over an hour from home so if it's awful we'll come back!

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