Friday, July 10, 2009


Alice had 3 PT accidents in the last hour before bed on Tuesday evening. She ended up with no clothes on - which was when I noticed what I assumed to be insect bites, on closer inspection they looked poxy. Alice had been very demanding and more than usually naughty, clingy, tearful, it was obvious she was ill.

After finding the spots I consulted Nana Next Door and we concluded that there were at least 5 poxy ones with at least the same number that could become poxy. I dosed her up before bed and waited to see what developed overnight. On Wednesday evening we went to the doc's, she wasn't sure either and diagnosed 'probable chicken pox'.

Since then the spots still haven't developed and I've heard of a virus that makes the child very grumpy and slightly spotty for a few days - which fits Alice's symptoms exactly. So I think that Alice doesn't have chicken pox but this other virus instead. Meanwhile she's still a bit grumpy, her appetite's improved and she's extremely cuddly, she's getting better but not there yet. Alice would like me to believe that the spots are all gone - so that we can go swimming!

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Snickerdoodle said...

Oooh, I'm so sorry Alice is unwell. Spots/pox are icky! My oldest got the chicken pox shot and my youngest had them in her swi. I've had 'em too.

Here's hoping she's better soon.

Thanks for the comments on my blog too.

Snick :)