Sunday, August 30, 2009


Alice starts her new nursery this week. Hopefully this is the first and last change as her new school teaches to 18 years old!!

They have a strange system, the children who do a whole day in nursery obviously have to have lunch, while the rest of the school have to have school provided meals, the nursery children have to have packed lunches! Alice will be attending for 2 full days a week.

I've bough Alice all the necessary bits - an insulated bag, new drinks bottles, new sandwich containers, but I'm still worried about what to put into them. She doesn't like sandwiches and whilst she eats well it's usually with me at her side prompting her to carry on. I know she's fine on cheese, berries and other fruit and yoghurt but I'd like a few other ideas on what to include?

Is anyone else in the same situation? Any ideas?

Also any ideas for encouraging them to repack everything I send - I anticipating losing lots of boxes and spoons!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kate, my littly is starting nursery soon and also needing a packed lunch. She doesn't really eat sandwiches either and prefers a few snacky type things, bento-style, rather than one big dinner. In addition to what you've already mentioned, she likes pasta salad, breadsticks + a little tub of soft cheese, crackers/rice cakes/oat cakes + slices of cheese, a small plain bread roll, boiled or raw veggies (eg corn on the cob, soya beans, carrot sticks), a peeled boiled egg (our yolk will come back uneaten!) or cut up omelette strips, sweet potato pancakes, pitta bread strips, cold noodles or rice, and dried fruit (esp dried mango/apricots) or banana crisps. She'll also eat things on sticks/skewers eg cherry tomatoes or rolled up strips of chicken, that she wouldn't touch otherwise. Hmmm not sure how much'll get eaten on this end either without the usual "reminding" - bit of trial and error I expect!
Wai Ling xx

Louise said...

nelly has the same problem - eats teh inside of the sandwich ! I send her with Rice salads with corn, peas tomatoes broccoli etc tuna or ham, pasta salads, cous cous,,, soup in winter , totilla wraps cut up into wheels with hams and soft cheese, mini quiches.... small and novel works well and in just over a yer we have lost nothing - it all comes back!