Sunday, August 30, 2009


We shared a room while we were away. I slept in a double bed at one end of the room and Alice was in a single at the other end of the room. She didn't try to get into my bed during sleep time but she did wake me several times each night when she'd lost either her dummy or panda. I didn't have a single undisturbed night's sleep, something had to change.

When we got home I decided that dummy had to go, I tried but Alice was hysterical and I hadn't done much talking preparation for it, so by 9pm I'd changed the rules - Alice could only have the dummy in her room, if she wanted to sleep in the Special Bed in my room then she had to do it without dummy. For Alice the decision was simple - she chose dummy in her bed! We've been home 3 nights and Alice has slept in her own bed every night, she's cried in the evenings but there's been no disturbance during the night - that's a major step forward in the sleeping arrangements of the past 6 weeks or so!

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