Thursday, August 20, 2009


We've been busy having fun, nothing unusual but lots of smiles, giggles and cuddles - who could ask for more?!

What have we been doing? Nursery on Tuesdays and Thursdays while Mummy catches up with grown up things and non child friendly bits (with the occasional pedicure amongst the paperwork). On other days we've been swimming, playing and catching up with friends. We spent last weekend with GFW and his family before seeing some other friends - none of whom we've seen for awhile, it was good to catch up but it's a long drive!

Today Alice finished at the childcare nursery that she's attended since December. It was always the plan to finish now, this nursery was about getting used to nursery and being away from me. They were fantastic and I was very sad to say goodbye. The staff have done a fantastic job settling Alice in and distracting her as I leave in the mornings, she always had a busy day and lots of 'treasures' came home on an almost daily basis. Alice continued to object to going during almost every drive there and seemed unmoved by saying goodbye - and I'm convinced that she does understand that she's not going back there. She's looking forward to her new nursery (they had tadpoles there when we first visited and she still remembers them, I keep reminding her that they won't be there when she starts!) The new nursery will be a shorter 'day' so that might help her by not being away from Mummy for so long, it's a longer drive too so I will get significantly less time to myself (and it only operates during school terms!)

I'm continually blown away with how much Alice is changing and maturing, the toddler's all gone and she's all little girl with big attitude! The room manager even said today how much Alice has changed in just the last few weeks.

As for sleep - the single bed in my room is now called 'Special Bed' and is the second choice bed every evening, Alice would prefer 'Mummy's Bed' but she knows that that's not allowed so Special Bed is a good alternative. We're both sleeping better and Alice is calmer, it's a good solution for now. Long term I'm hoping that she'll go back to her bedroom but with the change of nurseries coming up I'm not looking for that yet.

I woke up this morning to hear, 'I love you lots Mummy!' Priceless.

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MissMeliss said...

That's really great!! :) Sounds like you both are doing fantastic!

My little Mia turns 3 tomorrow! I know what you mean about the baby to toddler to little girl... although, she's still in that toddler-ish stage!! :)