Wednesday, September 16, 2009


When I collect Alice from nursery I ask her all about her day, I work hard but she's not inclined to share many details - this leads me to ask the question in several ways over the journey home.

Me: What did you do today? . . . Did you play in the water? . . . Did you play in the sand? . . . What did you play with?

(A little later)

Me: Who did you play with today? . . . What are your friends' names? . . . Did you play with girls or boys or both?

Alice: Both!

Me: What are your friends' called? . . . (repeat the questions from before!)

Eventually Alice: (pause for thought) . . . (then very quickly) Three, Four, Five!!

(I love 'nearly free' she's so much her own little person and SO sure of herself!)


Three Motherlands said...

It's a whole new sort of communication with little ones! And as you said, a LOT of HARD work to get any coherent responses!

(And I love the way they say three - 'free' - as well!)

For 5 days Cowgirl came home last week excitedly talking about her 'best friend' at big school Every day I'd ask: "what's her name?" and she'd reply "I don't know". Which drove me nuts"! I reminded her each morning to ask the girl her name.

Finally, on Friday, she came running out of class so excited yelling "I remembered, mummy, I remembered!" Of course I hadn't a clue what she was talking about because it was ME now who had forgotten.

Me: "what did you remember?"

Cowgirl: "I remembered to ask her name!"

So 'best friend' now has a name, and all in the world is good.


Shawnstribe said...

hee hee precious girls!!!!
won't be long till we all meet up!!!!