Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Yesterday started early with the alarm clock. The first alarm goes earlier than necessary so that I can 'come to' slowly whilst listening to the news. Sometimes Alice wakes early and comes in for a cuddle too, more often she sleeps later (or, I suspect, 'comes to' as I start moving round!) Yesterday I asked for a kiss, she refused with a giggle, so I started tickling and it turned into a game, shortly afterwards she lay back and said, 'I like tickles and giggles!'
I added, 'I like cuddles too!'
Then she said, 'And hugs!'
It was a lovely way to start the day and it was a good day, productive at work, organised at home and a different routine in the evening - Alice has usually had supper by the time I get home, so I planned to take her straight upstairs for a major bath (hair washing included!), then PJs before a cuddle in front of the TV and a story, it worked really well and we spent better time together than usual.

Today was a short day - Alice's new nursery has different hours (as I found to my cost last week!) and it leaves me with a short day to get my jobs done. Today I managed to get several jobs completed that Alice doesn't enjoy so it was an effective day.

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