Sunday, September 13, 2009


It's been quite a couple of weeks. I had a new computer several weeks ago, we had trouble installing the printer, within a week the print feed was misbehaving, I had a spare printer (very similar to the first, one of the them had been Mum's, we both had new printers in the few months before she died) and luckily had less problems installing the software for the second one.

(Can you tell where this is going yet?)

Within a week the second printer also had a terminal problem with the print feed. Yes, within a week, 2 printers died of the same problem! So now I have a super duper printer combined with scanner and fax and now I can even print wirelessly - AND I managed to set it all up (including the wireless printing from my laptop) on my own!! Haha! I hope it lasts a lot longer than a week.

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