Sunday, September 13, 2009


. . . ME! Uh-oh!!

I thought that the finishing time of nursery was like it's starting time - a range, it isn't so I was over 15 minutes late collecting Alice and very embarrassed. It's very unlike me, when I have to be somewhere at a particular time I tend to be early rather than late.

Alice was fine. I apologised to all and on the way home I apologised to Alice again, I told her it was an accident, that I was sorry and now I knew that I'd got it wrong I'd try not to let it happen again (traffic permitting), her response, 'Don't worry Mummy it's an accident and I love you!'

I feel very guilty about it, despite the fact that it was a genuine misunderstanding, but I wish it could have happened in a situation where I'm better known. But most of all I'm blown away by Alice's laid back attitude.

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