Friday, September 04, 2009


. . . I got there 20 minutes early and got one of the last parking spaces! I decided to stay in the car and wait for a while, but within minutes lots of people seemed to be heading towards the school, so I did too. I didn't want to wait within sight of Nursery, in case Alice saw me before home time, but I soon realised that the door must already be open. Alice was crying . . . I quickly realised that it was the other Alice!! My Alice came to the door with all her belongings but in someone else's clothes - she'd had an accident - they'd changed everything except her vest, odd, as her vest and polo were the same length. I think I'm going to leave a change of outfit in a bag at school.

I gave her a Sn*ck Tr*p of cheesy biscuits for the journey home and gave her a present for having such a good first day, a CD of Be*uty and the Be*st, she was delighted and we listened all the way home - Alice didn't stop smiling, except for when she was munching! I asked her if she wanted to go back, 'No!', I asked her if she wanted to go home and go back another day, 'Yes!'

A successful day, no tears and she ate all but a couple of bites of her sandwich. Alice is exhausted, I am too, but most of all I'm relieved!!


3cmum said...

So glad it went well! A is also settling in nicely. Def have at least one set of changes at school (I've 3 - but A is not good yet!).

I will get my blogging mojo back soon and pics are now on the computer so keep an eye out next week.

Lots of love

Three Motherlands said...

Our girls sure do teach us a lot about resilience and making the most of life. I am growing more and more amazed at the courage they have to face new experiences. I'd love to regain some of that innocence 'can do' attitude again! So glad to hear that you and Alice had a remarkably good start to a big transition! Ellen xx