Friday, September 04, 2009


Yesterday Alice kept saying that she wasn't going to school today, luckily by this morning she wasn't objecting! We were up before the alarm.

We left slightly ahead of my plans and it took about 20 minutes to get there without hold ups. She was excited to see the castle on the way and we also waved to her old nursery. The car park was heaving, we parked at the furthest end from school and then walked along the lane - Alice was hanging back slightly and quiet but not upset. By the time we reached the Nursery door she was ahead of me and actually pushed to get through the door! We found her peg and then she was straight into playing - she sat down and took another child's discarded playdough and was ready to get busy and give me a kiss goodbye. As for me - my eyes brimmed but I didn't cry. I hope that she's OK but I hid a panda in her school bag (just in case and it made me feel better!)

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