Thursday, September 03, 2009


2 Steps forward:
  1. The bathroom basin has finally been replaced, £££, but worth it (you'll see!) The bathroom was refitted (huge overall, everything replaced and the layout dramatically changed) within a few months of Mum dying (it had been next on her 'to do' list too, but she had an equally dramatic but totally different change planned!!) The same company that did the bathroom also revamped the kitchen 18 months ago. The 'main man' from the kitchen revamp came out today to replace the basin (it had a major crack in it). It turns out that he's now self employed, he still does lots for the original company so he doesn't take on jobs that they would do.
  2. He's going to sort out the leaking roof-light in the other bathroom, hurray!! It's been leaking for many years but now the plasterboards soggy too and it needs retifying before I redecorate in there - eventually (next year or sometime closer to Little Sis' referral) it will become Alice's bathroom.
Barefoot? We went to the capital in search of shoes for Alice but came home empty handed (or barefoot!)

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