Wednesday, September 02, 2009


Sad. Sad that the weather is already autumnal, despite not really having much warm or sunny weather this summer. Sad that the summer holidays are over. Sad that Alice was still asleep when I left for work this morning. Sad that I got to spend less than 2 hours with my baby today.

Worried. Worried about Alice's new beginnings this week, worried how she'll cope, if she'll cry, how she'll manage a packed lunch. Worried about new situations. Worried about Little Sis, will it happen, will she have to wait long for us to hold her? Always worried.

Wondering. Wondering how this term will progress. Wondering how Alice will adapt. Wondering about Little Sis.

Relieved. Relieved that the first day of term is over. Relieved that introductions are complete. Relieved that plans have been made.

Grateful. Grateful to have someone so special that every moment apart is a moment missed. Grateful to hear, 'I love my Mummy!' and small feet running towards me (unprompted) as I close the front door coming home. Grateful for squeezy hugs and sloppy kisses. Grateful to have found such a welcoming environment for Alice's education. Grateful for my 4 legged friends love and devotion (and for keeping my feet warm!) Grateful to have a job in tough times. Grateful to have the opportunity to adopt again.

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seaview said...

Hugs and may each day make things a little clearer and easier Vicky x