Tuesday, September 01, 2009


It was tricky finding a way in, everyone was busy and the front door always seems to be locked! We eventually went in through nursery - it was just like a classroom of mine in the holidays, in fact the whole school felt very familiar - the teachers were in a meeting while the support staff were backing display boards and sorting classrooms out, very familiar!

The school secretary is in charge of uniform sales, she greeted Alice by name and was very polite but welcoming. Alice IS quite distinctive so I thought maybe she was an easy face to remember, but the secretary did the same for the other 5 or 6 children we saw (all of whom are new pupils this term!)

I came away feeling content. I'm a worry-bug so having got the uniform was a relief (even better now it's named and ironed and ready for Friday), but overwhelmingly I felt reassured by the friendly and calm atmosphere - it really feels like a place that will nurture and care for my baby.

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