Tuesday, September 29, 2009


There's no doubt that Alice is happy in her new nursery (which we call school as opposed to the old nursery that we called by name). It's evident every time that she goes that she's happier now as she goes in so willingly and I have to find her to ask for a kiss!

Last night we were having a snuggle on my bed before Alice's bedtime, it was obvious that she was in a 'chatty' mood. I took the opportunity to ask about her new school and why she preferred school to the old nursery.

Her first response amazed me, 'The dinners!'

(At her new school she has to have a packed lunch - hot meals aren't provided until she goes into Reception. I've spent MANY hours worrying about Alice having a packed lunch, searching for a bag and boxes that she can open and what to put in them that she can eat easily and that she likes enough to eat without prompting!)

After this revelation I continued to ask about other aspects of school and she agreed that it was better than nursery in every way - but I suspect the 'chatty' mood was gone and she was just agreeing for an easy life!

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