Thursday, October 15, 2009


Alice woke at the usual (ish) time, I sang HB and she began the day with a huge smile. Then she had a bath - it shows how much she loves the water that she still didn't want to get out after 30 minutes and the reminder that there would be presents downstairs!

I directed her towards the largest present first and she was pleased to FINALLY unwrap her baby! She wasn't overly excited about the baby but then played with her almost all morning, I fell in love with her all over again watching her play so gently and caringly with her baby. She insisted that it was called, 'Baby' but when pushed pronounced it to be, 'Baby Sister'. It's an interactive baby that talks baby talk, cries, opens and shuts it's eyes and when you give it a dummy or a bottle it makes slurping sounds while the mouth moves! After 2 minutes of 'Dadadad' Alice told it to stop and asked why it was making that sound.

I tried to get her to have breakfast after she'd opened 'Baby' and initially she agreed but then insisted on continuing the pressies until they were all opened, as it was her birthday I let her dictate the pace but I'm forewarned for Christmas! We had a relaxed morning - Alice played a lot with her new toys before wanting a cuddle in front of a princess DVD, I was only too happy to oblige! Nana arrived after lunch, Alice opened her presents and then showed her Baby and the other things from this morning while we gently got ready for a birthday tea. C and L (T's sons and Nana's grandsons) and GFN joined us for tea and more presents.

So we had a lovely day, relaxed and happy, Alice loved her presents - her favourite was eventually NOT Baby but 2 goldfish from T and the boys (a present that I've dithered over for the last year!) So we now have Gold and Silver to add to the menagerie!

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