Friday, November 20, 2009


Children in Need Day, Alice's school were having a Spotty Day, I'd decided that Alice would go as a spotty dog:
  • I bought her a dog set for her birthday (hairband with ears, tail and a nose that barked when pressed),
  • I used an animal print (unused) dog bed to make a skirt and a new set of ears (hairbands are no good as they slip out easily if they're the fabric covered),
  • I used an old (slightly stained) white top and printed glittery paws over it (learnt the lesson to put some filling between the front and back whilst printing!)
  • I got a bargain poncho on an auction site
  • I kept the face paints very simple!!
Alice did a great dog impression too, panting and barking!

Nursery (usually a whole day) was just a morning session today - the whole school had a half day to celebrate a Saints Day. So after I dropped her off I went into the town and met a fellow prospective AP and gossiped over coffee. I managed to buy some more china - I love my spotty china, but in recent weeks I've broken a large and a side plate (I've had the china for over 5 years but these are the only pieces I've ever broken). This year Alice has started using proper plates (rather than melamine) and it's noticeable that we didn't really have enough china now it's in greater demand. They've also bought out a new piece, so I finally have a matching gravy boat! Then I went back to school for what I thought was a PTA event, mulled wine and minced pies, actually it was a school event - showing what the PTA fundraising had bought recently - it was a great opportunity to see the grounds and watch Nursery as they played outside - I love watching Alice in a different situation, she was happy to wave from a distance!

This afternoon we went to my school to watch and take part in another Children in Need event - they pompomed to a pop song. Alice wasn't happy to watch, she had to be on the yard WITH the children!

Then we popped home again, before going out for the final time today - to a local garden centre to watch Father Christmas arrive by horse drawn carriage. I didn't tell Alice about this until just before we left (I was waiting to see what the weather was going to do). We met one of her favourite friends there - O, Alice was more bothered about seeing O and his mum J - in fact she didn't think she wanted to see Father Christmas at all! When we got there she was transfixed by an animated display of elves and reindeer, then she tried to help herself to 2 balloons (1 for O!) - we weren't supposed to have them until we left so she had to leave them for a while, when we left she was adamant that she wanted a purple one. We saw FC but not up-close, we'll be going on a special train journey just before Christmas and then she'll get to share her list - at least she's consistent, she's sure that she wants a game like Mummy's, a torch (she's obsessed with mine) and a house for her hamster - so that's what she's getting!

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