Friday, November 20, 2009


Observing her boiled eggs - 'This one's spotty but this one's clean!'

She kept commenting on the pretty Corn*flakes at the supermarket, we don't have corn*flakes at home and we weren't in the cereal aisle, but they did have lovely SNOWflake Christmas decorations throughout the store!

When asked what she wanted for Christmas - a satsuma and mashed potato! (And she wanted them from GFN!) She's now revised her list - a game like Mummy's (I've got a Nin*tendo DS, she might be getting a Leap*ster handheld console), a torch and a house for her toy hamster (THE sort-after toy this Christmas, thankfully already sourced, but I'm still looking for the activity ball!)

Last weekend we were talking about Father Christmas, I reminded her that FC only brings presents to good girls, I didn't realise that she'd gone quiet until moments later we got home and I opened the car door, the light came on and turned around to see her eyes brimming with tears - 'But I have been a GOOD girl Mummy!'

On the way home from school on Tuesday - 'I think I love him!' Mummy's brain starts whirling, who? GFN!

I love 'free'!

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