Monday, November 16, 2009


I had an important day at work, being observed for my classroom management - it went well, in fact the whole school day was enjoyable and successful. As I got home I knew something had happened - I saw what remained of the fish tank in the garage, uh oh!

They'd definitely had a dramatic day without me at home! Pudding had knocked over and smashed the fish tank, the Ever-Magnificent-T managed to catch one fish (Rusty) in her hands, but struggled to find the other 3 (found under the sideboard) - ironically Rusty was the fish that seemed most traumatised by it! By the time I got home the playroom carpet had been washed (thank heavens I bought a carpet cleaner this summer) and had begun to dry, the fish were temporarily rehoused in the fish bowl and Pud had kept well out of the way!

The first fish tank lasted exactly a month, almost to the hour! It was a 30 litre tank. Originally Alice was given 2 Sarasa Somethings, one mostly goldfish coloured (called Gold) and a motley white and gold one (called Silver), a couple of weeks later I added 2 Shubumpkins (Copper and Rusty - though Alice sometimes calls Rusty 'Tank'!) After I'd bought the tank I realised I could have bought a lovely spherical one with a bubble tube - far more modern and stylish in appearance. On Tuesday I went out to replace the tank, so we now have a spherical one, this time a 60 litre one (that's 16 gallons!) and now we have 2 apple snails as well (Bumpy and Slugsy - like Fifi!) Hopefully the snails will keep the tank cleaner, this style is supposed to be more efficient at self cleaning (it can't be worse than the last one!) Having bought a larger tank I think we might have just one more fish, hopefully a Yellow Comet, maybe 2!

Meanwhile the playroom furniture has been rearranged - I was already planning a turn around and it was needed to accommodate a Christmas tree (no, not yet, but planned!) and the carpet, only 18 months old but despite 2 cleanings it still smells and I think we need the professionals!

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