Saturday, October 31, 2009


(UPDATED - Originally published on 24th Nov, but now moved!! I'm not putting this in the right place yet - I just want to bump the tooth post from the top of the blog!)

My 'friendly' witch (her words!) This is the outfit that Alice had for her birthday and looked at the present in disgust before announcing, 'Well THIS not a baby dolly!' Once opened, she knew exactly what the costume was.

Alice wore this outfit for Halloween, she'd been invited to the party of one of her nursery friends. The party was from 5pm to 7pm, Alice wore her costume, including hat, in the car on the way - the hat was big enough that I couldn't see her face, the early evening drive at the end of a busy week, she was fast asleep when we got there! There were lots of fun Halloween games in a barn - pass the brains (instead of parcel, when the music stopped they had to dig around in cold spaghetti to find a prize), making grown ups into mummys (wrapping in TP), musical statues, digging in the hay to find spiders - lots of fun. The most surprising aspect of the party was Alice's reaction to the 'spooky' music, she was terrified by 'The Mon*ster M*ash', absolutely terrified every time a ghostly sound was played.

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