Sunday, November 01, 2009

1 IN 11

Sorry for the bloggy break, we've been a bit busy!

1 in 11? In the last 11 days we've eaten lunch at home just once!

Last weekend we went to visit some special friends and to see many more at a celebration. We spent Tuesday with D, A and baby D at a local community farm. Wednesday (novelty) we spent the day at home. Thursday we travelled close to Bath and went for a lovely walk with lots of other IA families, a really useful, morale boosting, fun time. Friday we met Grandad south of Hungerford for lunch. Yesterday we went to soft play, finally got to the supermarket and then went to a Halloween party at a nursery friend's barn. Today we went to church and then to celebrate D's 60th birthday. A very busy half term, we've had lots of fun and travelled over 1,000 miles!

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