Tuesday, November 10, 2009


. . . no mojo, low mojo but not enough to post, FB's quicker!

However I really value the family chronicle that this blog has become and as I wait for another baby I want to remember what we've been doing in recent weeks (just in case she was born recently, unlikely, but just in case!)

Monday 19th - I worked, Alice was on the beginning of her Half Term
Tuesday 20th - a day at home together before I left Alice with Nana and T at home while I went to spend the night with my pupils at a residential centre
Wednesday 21st - home in time for M*sicbugs
Thursday 22nd - day at home preparing and packing (with a large supermarket shop too)
Friday 23rd - drove to Norfolk
Saturday 24th - Festival of Thankfulness in Norfolk with lots of other Chinese adoptive families and friends
Sunday 25th - more of the same
Monday 26th - drove home!
Tuesday 27th - day out with D, A and baby D at the community farm
Wednesday 28th - quiet day, unpacking etc
Thursday 29th - Circle Adoption Group walk at Dyrham Park
Friday 30th - met with Grandad and N for pub lunch just south of Hungerford
Saturday 31st - soft play with D and A over lunchtime, Halloween party in the evening at a friend from nursery's
Sunday 1st - church, lunch in Machen to celebrate cousin D's 60th
Monday 2nd - training day
Tuesday 3rd - Alice back to nursery
Wednesday 4th - M*sicbugs
Thursday 5th - bangers and mash at D and A's and watched low noise fireworks!
Friday 6th - nursery again
Saturday 7th - another nursery party at a different soft play centre over lunchtime
Sunday 8th - lots of cooking and a quiet day at home
Monday 9th - work
Tuesday 10th - nursery and a bag!

There will be more details about some of these days, but I'm going to back date the posts to get them in the right places!!

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