Tuesday, December 08, 2009


Yesterday Alice was in her first Nativity. I was at work so Nana and T took her to school and stayed to watch the performance. I found it very hard not to be there.

Today was the second performance and my turn to watch. Alice was a lamb. School provide the costumes, Alice would tell me nothing of what she was doing. As a 'little one' (still in nursery next year) she didn't have an acting role, she had to join in the songs and she had an instrument to play during one song. She stayed sitting throughout the performance, she told the others around her what to do, she remembered the actions for each song in the opening bars and generally was the first to start the actions or clapping, but she didn't sing! She wriggled a bit, she scratched her head a lot and even picked her nose - general 3 year old stuff! The performance was delightful and luckily it was filmed by school, the DVD is on order and I can't wait to see it again.

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