Tuesday, December 08, 2009


This morning I finally was able to talk to Alice's nursery teacher - our meeting had been postponed twice, first she was ill and then meetings were rearranged for the day I had my wisdom tooth out.

Alice is very happy in Nursery and well settled - I knew that and she confirmed it. Apparently she followed a couple of bigger girls around at the beginning of term but now she plays where she wants to, no surprise that she particularly likes sand and water play! On a Friday afternoon the children have a dance lesson with the specialist dance teacher - Alice tries hard to follow instructions and join in, that's made my decision that I will get her to try dance lessons in January. Apparently she is quick to follow instructions when there's an incentive - first to wash hands at snack time, but she's slower (and they need repeating) when it's a less desirable activity (ie no food involved) - no change there then, just like home! She's particularly bonded to one of the assistants, I knew this as she talks about her all the time at home. She's gregarious and doesn't settle to just a few children.

Throughout the meeting I was reminded of a former parent (now a friend, I've taught both her children and now she works in our school!), she always states that Parent Consultations and Reports shouldn't surprise parents as long as the parents are interested and involved - hopefully that's me and this morning certainly played out that way!

All in all a great report, no surprises except for hearing about the dance lesson, well done Alice Ming!

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