Thursday, December 03, 2009


Today we went to Bath, to an intercountry adoption playgroup. I hate the drive from the motorway down into Bath but I love the shopping when we get there, so I had to arrange it so there was some shopping time before meeting with the others!

The weather was dry but with a bitter, chilling wind. I'd bought plenty of layers to keep Alice warm but neglected to bring any gloves (one of the necessities of motherhood when pushing a buggy?!) So our first stop was the department store to buy some gloves, unfortunately I naturally gravitated to the most expensive pair as they were by far the most comfy and warm, I tried cheaper ones too but they just didn't compare, so I now have a beautiful pair of dark brown (to match my comfy, warm, furry boots), sheepskin gloves! After that we had a short trip up the hill to The G*ap where I bought Alice some boys polo necks and a pair of socks and then we went onto E*L*C* for a deal on the T*ag R*eading S*ystem - where we bumped into C and L!

After a quick trip to the supermarket for lunch and an emergency loo trip for Alice, I bought Alice a beautiful strawberry hat (that I've been watching ever since she came home!!) Then we went to the playgroup - where we had a super time, lots of good discussions for me and lots of playing and singing for Alice. Once it finishes I make a rapid exit across the city centre to get back to the car park and try and beat the beginning of the rush hour, we made it home in about 80 minutes (not too bad!) Alice was asleep before we reached the motorway and so was very grumpy once I woke her up, luckily a phone conversation with GFN cheered her up immensely! I also made some phone calls, some important ones that had good results.

Once again she's gone to bed in the Special Bed and after her car nap it took her a while to get to sleep. Meanwhile I've been drafting a note for our Christmas cards, writing emails about the Special Needs petition (have you signed it yet?) and drafting some important letters that I will probably post next week.

(I know that I've been more cryptic than usual in my recent posts, all will be revealed fairly soon, probably, as soon as I make up my mind, meantime, if you don't already know what's going on, then email me and I'll probably spill!)

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