Monday, December 21, 2009


For Alice, today was all about the minuscule dusting of snow that happened early this morning, unfortunately it fell on solid ice which made for a slow journey to work for me.

Unsurprisingly many children didn't make it into school (most schools finished on Friday, but our doesn't finish until tomorrow - let's not start THAT discussion). Teaching the top class necessitated finishing some important topics for the term, so while other classes got to do some 'fun' things we were still completing written work and ICT presentations, but we did get to have some fun too - finding out about Christmas traditions and singing a great song for Christmas (that I'd never heard before - I'd share more details but I can only remember the building chorus!!)

After work I took advantage of Alice being taken care of and decided to battle the supermarket. It took me an hour, a full trolley, I ran out of ecobags but I got everything on the list - after I'd checked out I remembered other things, that we'll have to do without until Sunday!! It took a while to unload the car but Alice was delighted to help me carry things through the house to the kitchen, not usually such a chore but the weather meant it was safer to park in the garage and lug the shopping rather than parking closer to the kitchen.

Alice was very affectionate when I got home and was quick to tell me about her snowballs - she obviously had fun, especially as C finished school last week and so was able to play all day! Unpacking the shopping - mostly cold or frozen, took most of the time til bedtime, so we had an extra snuggle upstairs, but that didn't stop her screaming when I left. It seems to be the pattern of the last few nights, she screams hysterically for 1-2 minutes as I leave, but she calms quickly and then settles for the night, it's very hard to leave her like this (especially as this is so different to her previous bedtime habits) but she settles quickly.

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