Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We had a busy morning. We got off to a late start after a poor night's sleep. I couldn't plan how the morning was going to be as I was waiting for a phone call, luckily it came relatively early and so didn't disrupt the day, it went well and an important decision was made (more to come on that in the New Year).

Then it was a morning of mopping up loose ends, a quick shopping trip for last minute chocolate presents, delivery of a late birthday card (why can't I get more organised?), delivery of some of the choccies and home for some lunch.

Then fun really began! J arrived with O (one of Alice's BFs) and baby R and we went off to see Father Christmas, we left in plenty of time because of the weather - there is still snow with thick ice underneath on minor roads.

Luckily we arrived with time to spare and it was magical as it started to snow. We caught a little steam train and travelled through the snow to see Jack Frost, the children gave him an icicle and in return he gave them a magic badge, then we travelled back to the station where the children rubbed the magic badges and Father Christmas came down the chimney! He told them a little bit about his workshop and the reindeer and then the elves helped him to give out presents. In previous years we've been on a full sized steam train (different location) and queued through a carriage to see FC in family groups. This year the train ride and Jack Frost were magical, so was FC coming down the chimney, but the actual meeting FC was better at the other train, but the presents this year were extremely generous and the snow added a specialness to the whole event. The snow also made the journey home treacherous - it took 40 minutes to get to the station and nearly 2 hours to get home, the first mile took nearly an hour! The delays in the journey were just due to the amount of traffic on untreated roads and the lack of ability to cope with a small amount of snow - we don't get enough snow to justify the investment in equipment that would help us cope, today my 4x4 COMPLETELY earned it's money - it kept us safe and stopped the mummies worrying! Luckily I have a treat bag stashed in hiding in the boot, the children (with only a little help from their mummies) were kept occupied and finished it in the dark while watching the snow. It was a very Christmassy, magical, slightly worrying but happy adventure, one that we'll never forget!

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