Wednesday, January 27, 2010


The snails stopped moving during the very cold weather at the beginning of the year. I searched online for some expert opinions and discovered the 3 most likely reasons - death, resting before egg laying or hibernation. It turned out that 1 of them had died but the other started moving again last week and this week we noticed a minute snail near the water line! So we still have 2 snails or maybe more. Since confirming the presence of the tiny snail on Monday we've lost it again, it's in the tank but it fell from the water line and is so small (10 would probably fit on a 1p piece!) that we haven't seen it since.

On Sunday I noticed that Rusty (our smallest shubumkin) had a swimming problem - every time he (I refer to all the fish as 'he'!) stopped moving he'd immediately start to sink. Another www search confirmed a likely swim bladder problem. I gave an appropriate water treatment but by the end of the day he'd stopped moving. Ironically he was my favourite fish - the one most likely to swim around to me when I approached the tank and follow my finger round. The fish total was down to 3 - Gold and Silver, both Sarosas, and Copper, another shubumkin. They've had a clean filter and a deep water change and today we chose some new fish, 2 more shubumkins ('Merica and Inky - as named by Alice) and a yellow goldfish (I named Sunshine). Interestingly they seemed to have grouped together as 6 fish in a way that they never did as 4?

So there's been drama with the tank and drama in the tank, now I'm hoping for breeding and peace!!

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