Friday, January 29, 2010


At Alice's school (just like at mine) they use stickers to reinforce good behaviours. Stickers are a great incentive . . . but badges are better! I got to school this afternoon and the senior (I presume) teacher was very keen for Alice to show me her achievement - a BADGE, for listening and working really hard in Dance class! She was pleased with herself (but not hugely), I heaped on the praise and she earned a lollipop (huge treat) too - hence the smile.

(It should also be noted that the photo draught on the blog has probably ended - I bought a new, grown up camera today! I took nearly 300 photos in the first 90 minutes home, Alice is happier as it has a more effective no flash mode!)

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Carmen said...

Hi Kate, just curious which camera you purchased. I'm in the market for a new Digital and I am having a hard time deciding