Saturday, January 09, 2010



I lost my car keys whilst taking Alice into Nursery, so felt daft returning to look for them.  I got back into the classroom just as she was telling them about the pantomime, just in time to warn them about the Wicked B*itch!!  I then went supermarket shopping and in search of some pompom wool to knit a quick scarf!  It snowed through Tuesday daytime, they closed Nursery at lunchtime, but I was babysitting D (A's little brother while they went to the dentist) and so I missed the message, as soon as I realised I went straight there (I was on my way anyway).  There were 5 or 6 children left so Alice wasn't the last to be collected - less egg on face than previously!  That evening Alice admired the wool while I tried several times to knit it up into the right proportions, I managed eventually and also established that Alice would really like a scarf like that too!

We woke to 7-8 inches of snow on Wednesday morning, all plans went on hold.  We had a leisurely morning (no point in rushing as there was nowhere to go!) and then dressed up and up and up with many layers before going on a walk through the snow.  It was noticeably different to last Feb's walk, this year Alice didn't need to examine every snowflake and we actually made it as far as the field!  She loved throwing snowballs, but loved eating snow even more (I had to give her a quick lesson in which snow to choose as otherwise she'd have been eating the snow that others had walked through!)  After lots of snow, snowballs and a few snowangels we headed home for hot chocolate - persuaded by the thought that it's P's favourite drink!  She discovered that she loved hot chocolate and asked for more!  We went out again on Friday morning, by which time the snow had been frozen and changed consistency, no good for snowmen building or even proper snowballs!  Alice was keen to go for another walk, but as soon as we got into the field she demanded to go home, when I asked she confirmed that it was the hot chocolate that she really wanted!!  As for the new scarf, it's lovely and soft and looks good, but useless at keeping the drafts out!

Both our schools have been closed since Wednesday, we've stayed home as much as possible and watched the weather forecasts closely - they don't improve much for over a week, but even slightly warmer could create a thaw and get life back to normal!

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