Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Alice earnt her 7th smiley face today.  She is so delighted each morning when she remembers that she's earnt another smiley.  We didn't remember the smiley chart or the reward until quite late this afternoon, but Alice was so excited once we remembered!!  Today's smiley completed her reward chart, she'd chosen her reward last week and today she finally got to wear it!  She was so proud of herself for sleeping in her room and so pleased that she could be Sn*w Wh*te.

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louise said...

kate I am going to show nelly this - she has been in our bed for weeks in the middle of the night! She is OK at goinbg to sleep but in our bed by 2 unless she is so shattered that she sleeps through! ...getting beyond a joke now - perhaps the thought of a Snow White outfit might do it! louise