Sunday, October 12, 2008


From left to right: GFW (despite the vicar trying to leave him off the list of Godparents - I spoke up to correct him!), GMJ, Me, Alice, GMA and GFN (who came to China with me!)

All of her Godparents are special people in my life - not only are they good friends but they've been a huge support to me during the last few years especially. I know that they will be special people in Alice's life too, in fact they already are. I've know both GFW and GFN since I was about 8 - we went to primary school together. GMJ and I went to secondary school together - we were best friends for most of that time, unfortunately I was a boarder and J was a Day Girl - that didn't make it easy. GMA and I were neighbours in A'g from 1996 until Mum died.

(And special thanks to Aunty J (GFW's wife) who took this photo!)


Shawnstribe said...

I love love love Alices' dress!!!!
What asuperb day:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Alice is gorgeous, she looks so grown up! A very happy birthday to the both of you also.

Wai Ling xx