Sunday, October 12, 2008


Alice helped to blow up the balloons!

(You can ignore the notes if you wish - they're here for
Alice and also my future reference!!)


Spring rolls – veggie and duck – very popular

Prawn bits – Thai style, sesame P toasts, wontons – very popular

Pasties – veggie and meat

Mini quiche

Sausages – plain and honey and mustard - always popular!

Platter of crudités and dip

Sandwiches – egg, ham, salmon

Fruit platter

Mini doughnuts

Mini éclairs Рvery popular

Mini custard slices – very popular

Christening cake, sponge

All very popular except for the fruit platter (but the strawberries went quickly!)

Other Food Bits

Cucumber – hardly touched

Cherry toms – large punnet, over half gone

2 large bags of H*ula H*oops – very popular

Jelly etc

Orange – 4 pints, 1+ pint eaten

Strawberry – 4 pints, 3+ pints eaten

Ice cream – 4 tubs, 1 and a bit eaten

F*lakes – 2 boxes of 16, 1 box eaten


Choc and toffee sauce


18 white wine - 7 drunk

12 red wine - 4 drunk

10 Cava – 6 drunk

(They didn't drink much!!)

F*ruit S*hoots – water, 25 drunk

16 blackcurrant (v popular)

8 apple

16 orange

Soft Drinks

Orange 8 x 1litre – 3 consumed

Apple 8 x 1litre – nearly 2 consumed

Fizzy Elderflower – 6 litres, 5 drunk and 6th would have been drunk if it had been out!!

6 x 2l lemonade, untouched

Other things!

50+ pink balloons, 2 weights and a tank of helium

80 fortune cookies - far too many

Party bags - containing alsorts (depending on age)- bubbles, books, magnet boards, colouring books, craft packs, kites, slidey puzzles, fortune cookies and hong bao

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