Sunday, October 12, 2008


I bought Alice's dress for today in July - I found it in a local shop, in the sale! They had 2 dresses of this style - one with royal blue spots in age 3 and this one with gold spots. I preferred the one with gold spots but had to check its fit, we tried it on in the shop and it was OK, but a little baggy!

Over the summer I picked up the rest of the outfit as I found suitable bits. By Wednesday I wanted to try everything on together - to check the fit and the look - that's when I took these photos. I bought Alice the wrap from M*onsoon - I'm not into fluff but I wanted her to have an extra layer for warmth. Alice loved the wrap on first sight and declared it 'Soff!', it is very soft. I'd also bought a hairband - I didn't want her to wear both together but needed to see what they looked like, get Alice used to them and also to see whether the hairband would work, it did.

The dress is age 4 - by this week it fits, it's no longer baggy. It's got an underskirt that gives the dress some body and hang away from Alice's legs - I really like the style of dress on Alice and the length was great, ballerina - elegant and flattering (even for a nearly 2 year old!)

The weather was so good today that Alice didn't need the fluffy accessories - I did put her in a vest but she didn't need anything over the dress. She seemed very comfortable in her dress and still looked presentable by the end of the party - up close she was actually quite mucky, but the dress did well! She's always lovely but I think that this dress will always make me smile - with lovely memories of a very special day.

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Janet said...

She looks like a little princess :-)
Lots of love