Sunday, October 12, 2008


Sunday is the day that T (my SW) works on my HS.

Today he met with GFW and Aunty J - they were giving me a reference. T phoned after the meeting to reassure me that it went well - with the amount of things still to be done I was distracted and hadn't had time to worry, aside from the trust that I have in W and J!

While I was waiting for Alice I had a W*innie the P*ooh soft toy - I have several photos of important people and occasions including WTP to show that I was thinking of my baby.

I've bought an elephant for Little Sis, I bought it in July, today I noticed he has a wonky trunk. I chose an elephant as it is the national symbol of Thailand. Today was his first outing - he came to church, Alice held him, but I forgot to include him in the photos! Despite no photos Little Sis is never far from my mind.

I'm sure that some people wondered why the elephant was in church - now things will be a little clearer. I made a very short speech at Alice's baptism, so did GFW (outmanoeuvred by the other GPs who all passed the buck!) Fresh from meeting the SW GFW mentioned our current adoption journey to Little Sis - I'm not sure that everyone already knew about it but they do now!

Little Sis will one day know how long we waited, how hard we strived to bring her home and just how very much she is longed for.

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